creative writing & consultancy

A landscape of post-its, juicy taglines, pinching concepts or dramatic scripts. My need for expression is great and gross.  And so is your need for the right content. 


Above all, Morris Creative is about ideas. I love brainstorming, going crazy with mind maps and analysing whatever broadens and tickles our minds these days. I inspire others to do the same.


Therefore I offer Creative Writing & Consultancy. Whatever project you are working on; I provide guidance through your creative process. Together we look at your (media) project or task at hand; we brainstorm, we research and we develop catchy concepts, copy or scripts. When we have build our grid, I will help you to creatively produce or write the intended content for your platform. No time at hand ? I will take it from here. A few simple meetings to touch base will do the job. 


Did you know that Morris Creative also offers a Creative Yoga Workshop to get the juices flowing? More info coming soon !