Yoga. being thankful for the past. Having faith in the future. being. here. now. 

As you might know, a creative mind can be a blessing and a curse. So whenever my head is full, I retreat. For me, incubation is the road to inspiration.


I started doing yoga to tune out and to cool my brain. Eventually started tuning in; getting more and more aware of my habits, my thoughts, my patterns, my body & the way I live my life.


After years of practice, karma yoga (volunteering), retreating and tickling my mind with eastern philosophy & psychology, I decided it was time to shake things up. I started to travel and work as a

freelancer. I became a yoga teacher and started teaching regular classes. I started out in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and am now based in Dublin, Ireland.


As I found yoga, I finally felt the courage to face my restlessness; questioning what I truly needed in life. I started to work towards a more balanced life. This is my mission.


Once you start this process, there's no turning back. You can only keep your heart open, to follow it into the future.


Nowadays, I love inspiring people to do the same.

images by studio iris jacobs for flow magazine produced by morris creative.

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